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yes. yes, yes, yes. and here’s why…

the “before” is original RAW file, and just for fun, i decided to see what was underneath all that… darkness… now, of course, i obviously don’t recommend letting all your shots be this underexposed and then just “recovering” them… the “after” certainly isn’t of great quality, but you can see from this extreme example that the hidden raw data could really help you out when your exposure is slightly off.


i get a lot of emails from photographers, and since most of them are along the same lines, i’ll start answering the most common questions here. (of course, i’ll still reply to all emails sent to me… i just might refer you to a specific blog entry in part of it!)

as for my main camera body, i use a canon 5d and have a canon 40d as my back-up, until the new 5d model is released (which i am really excited for!)

as for lenses…

the 24-70 f/2.8L is one of my every-day lenses. it has a really nice range, and is so heavy-duty and able to withstand the beatings it’s taken. see the dent on the lower left of the lens? i was basically rock-climbing (ok, not really…) in a cemetery in atlanta, georgia… but after hearing that awful, sickening “thud” sound, i found that it was just fine. sometimes, i find that the images are a bit soft (totally unrelated to the scratch situation), but that’s standard and to be expected when comparing any zoom lens to a prime lens.

my primary ceremony lens is the 70-200 f/2.8L i.s. lens… every time i have seen a beautiful photo and asked what lens was used… it was this lens. i never used to use it too often, because i found that it was overexposing all my images like crazy (to the point where at 1/8000th of a second at f/22 and 200iso, it was still completely blown out)… so i finally smartened up and sent it in to canon and they repaired it immediately and had it back to me within 2 or 3 days. now, i couldn’t live without this lens. the bokeh is so lovely and all the images are so incredibly sharp. the only disadvantage to this lens… it’s freaking heavy, and i’m left with a sore arm every time i use it! oh well, it’s worth it!!

my favourite portrait lens with my full-frame body is the 85 1.8. now, of course i would love to have the f/1.2 version, but there are other ways i’d like to spend $2K. like here. (that will be my next lens purchase for sure). anyways, this lens is incredibly sharp and renders colour beautifully.

also, to note, i shoot all my macro shots with this kenko extension tube on the above 85mm lens. i was very tempted to purchase a specific macro lens, but for the small number of macro shots i take, i just can’t justify the weight and space of an unnecessary lens. i’m really happy with this extension tube, and love that it’s tiny and super light.

finally, the all-purpose 50 1.4 lens. this is a great lens for low-light situations, carrying around when you’re just going for a walk and don’t *need* a camera, but would like to bring one. it’s very light, and the images are quite sharp.

so, those are main equipment pieces. of course, i also have a gazillion rechargeable batteries for my 580exII flash and my set of pocket wizards. I also have about 40 gigs of memory (which probably also answers the other really common question: yes, i shoot in RAW).

well, i hope that answers your equipment questions… if not, or if you have any further questions/comments about it, email me at