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…to my best friend, the kindest person i’ve ever met, the most supportive person in my life, the g-man himself…

here’s graeme and me celebrating his birthday last year at le crocodile with his family:


here are some of my faves from 2008 — from weddings, portrait sessions, and my personal life.  i had almost 30 photos that are my faves from the year, and sort of randomly selected ten of them…

this is definitely my favourite detail shot from the year…



for a band i photographed in january…



i can’t even identify what i love about this photo.  i know it’s not technically a top ten, but there’s something about it that i love so much…





this one is so much better bigger…. there’s something about zin’s face that is just so perfect…


and, without question, my favourite photo from 2008….


this is my wonderful sister ashley, who i love so so much. ashley is such a sweet person, and totally dedicated to helping others and treating people well. i’m so glad i got to see her last year, and can’t wait to see her again soon.

ashley, you’re the best sister ever! i hope you have a very happy birthday. come see me soon — karim and i miss you!!!





as you can tell, i made it to seattle safe and sound. i spent christmas with my friend graeme and his parents. it was very kind of them to allow me to spend christmas with them, and i had a great time.

the adorable little tree that graeme’s mom picked up…


and here’s the christmas dinner we made… turkey, stuffing, brussels sprouts, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, biscuits… and of course, some nice wine!

i am posting this very unflattering picture of graeme because it cracks me up. and those of you that know graeme will laugh your head off by the photo after this one…


his wii character. have you ever seen such a perfect likeness?! hahaha.


john was sad when we had to wait to play wii


so, turns out i should be a professional boxer… according to my wii sports boxing abilities…


punching like a madman…


seriously, this was such a great christmas. we basically just ate, played wii, and watched tv… the planet earth series and it’s always sunny in philadelphia and lost: season 4.

that loved watching the roaring fireplace video that is always on an off-cable channel on christmas day? well, i don’t have a tv anymore, but i do have this…

merry christmas!

houston, tx photographer kelly asked:

“Why are you so awesome?

How can I be more awesomer like you?”

kelly, i like that you’re not afraid to ask the hard questions.

one of my favourite photographers, southern california’s sarah k. chen asked: “which season do you love the most and why?”

spring has always been my favourite season. as a kid, easter was my favourite holiday because it was usually the first day of the year i could ride my bike — now, to vancouverites, that won’t make sense… but in ontario, there’s a little thing called snow. my mom was always really strict about bike/snow safety — i absolutely could not ride my bike until the snow banks were below my knees, to avoid getting hit by a car. so, easter was usually when i could ride it. also, i’d always get skipping ropes and sidewalk chalk and other outdoor toys like that, and i’d spend the whole day outside playing. i was never really into the outdoors, but easter was always the exception, always my favourite. and that is why i’ve always loved spring.

however, lately, fall is really growing on me. all the beautiful colours, the cool winds, the changing trees… it’s wonderful. i’m sad i didn’t really get to do any awesome fall shoots this year, because i was away. but it was so wonderful to travel in the czech republic during the fall, simply because it made everything even more beautiful.


:: if you have a question or topic, please comment or email me, and i’ll add yours to the queue!! thanks so much for your help with winter blogging! :o)

omaha, nebraska photographer lara‘s question was “What’s your favorite picture – famous or personal or just by someone you admire?”

there are two that came immediately to mind when i read this…

first, a photo by mark tucker. the first time i saw this photo, i stared at it until i cried. i saved it from his AMAZING site to show it to you. i hope that’s allowed.


second, the dwf photo of the year by mark sigler — read the story here.


i should also say that probably the most impressive photo is the first known photo taken, by Nicéphore Niépce’s in 1826. the image took 8 hours to expose. how amazing it would have been to see this developed…