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Category Archives: feedback.

just received this sweet email from leigh & leslie… i can’t believe they checked my blog all the way from italy!!

“We just saw the pics you put on your blog – they are beautiful! Can hardly wait to see the rest of them, we are wowed… We are in a little internet cafe in San Gimigniano right now and Leslie’s (almost) in tears… thanks so much for everything and taking such beautiful pictures! 🙂 We look forward to catching up with you upon our return! L&L”


so, this morning, i heard a knock at my door. since i don’t get a whole lot of unexpected visitors (as in, i think that was the first time i’ve ever heard a knock at my door), i pretty much assumed it was an axe murderer. as i opened the door, i was preparing myself mentally to slam the door closed as a violent offender tried to force their way in… well, turned out it was a fed ex delivery person. (in case you didn’t realize that i survived the ordeal…)

so, there it was, a huuuggee box… i had no idea what it could possibly be… (my only guess was a leather sample i ordered from an album vendor, and i was wondering why their samples were so huge…)

and then, the card…

and i thought, ‘i’m not getting married, they must have delivered this to the wrong person…” (but, being nosy, i still opened the card…)

and then, i laughed my head off!!!! and, i also danced around my apartment like an idiot to the music played by the card, because, as you know, i freaking LOVE the chicken dance!! and i also love….

mariachi hats!!!! and maraccas (sp?) (not pictured because i didn’t find them amidst all those styrofoam peanuts until i was taking the box out for recycling) i wanted to take a picture of me in this hat, but do you have any clue how big these are?! it’s impossible to just hold my camera at arm’s length and get even half of this magnificent fashion piece in the shot. david and monica, i lovelovelove you! thank you so much, you totally know me and my ridiculousness!! :o) plus, it’s black, so it goes with everything… ;o)

well, for a long time, i wasn’t planning on posting client feedback, because it feels sort of self-absorbed to me… but i’ve decided to start, because it means a lot to me when people share with me. i am so fortunate to be able to spend all my time with people that are in love, and i value the relationships i form through this “job.”

this is what linne sent me a few months back… and it’s so complimentary, it makes me uncomfortable, haha, but linne — i’m so glad you and tony are so happy! i loved meeting you two and your families and friends, and truly hope to see you again!!


“You have no idea how happy a bride you have made! I just checked out the sampling of photos you uploaded and am absolutely stunned. I mean, my hopes were very high, but you still managed to exceed them. Tears came to my eyes multiple times, and I am much more of a “laugher” than a “cryer” (for joy, of course). Although quality photography was always much more important to me than my new husband, we both could not feel more blessed that we ended up having you document our day (and our engagement photos).

And, an added bonus was that you were a dream to work with. Your attitude was so incredibly refreshing and wonderful. BTW, we WILL be discussing an album with you as soon as financially possible! We want to be able to show these off in the way they should be.

Feel free to use the quote below for anything you wish…it is truly how we feel.

Overall, if I (uh, we) had to do it all over again, I would choose Kristel Wyman 100 times out of 100! Advice for brides (and people just looking for a fantastic photographer): You will regret not choosing Kristel! I am the pickiest bride in the world (subjective, I know, but still…believe me), and Kristel gave us the absolute best of both worlds: adorable, romantic, moody shots that ooze our affection for one another, and yet she chose beautiful, detailed, and striking settings to make us feel like we’re movie stars (in a place she’d never been, no less!). I know unequivocally that I would have looked over my shoulder by now, had I not gone with Kristel. You arrived a total stranger, and leave as a family friend and contact for future photos. I’m so glad I didn’t leave something as important as photography to someone else. From the bottom of our hearts, Kristel, Thank You!!”


this is my favourite shot from their wedding. technically, there are better photos i took on that day — i mean, seriously… there’s a tree growing out of tony’s nostril — but this is my absolute favourite, because look at linne, so beautiful and peaceful and happy… and that’s what that day was about.

i just came across this comment on my website (not sure how i missed it before…)

“Kristel I’m Andrew’s Mom and I can’t thank you enough for including Andrew and Rachael in you photo shoot. The pictures are behond words. Wonderful , wonderful work……… Debi”

debi, i know it’s been a while since you sent this, and you’ve since ordered and received your print order… but thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful words, and i apologize for not responding sooner!!