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here are some of my faves from 2008 — from weddings, portrait sessions, and my personal life.  i had almost 30 photos that are my faves from the year, and sort of randomly selected ten of them…

this is definitely my favourite detail shot from the year…



for a band i photographed in january…



i can’t even identify what i love about this photo.  i know it’s not technically a top ten, but there’s something about it that i love so much…





this one is so much better bigger…. there’s something about zin’s face that is just so perfect…


and, without question, my favourite photo from 2008….



dear blog readers,
with the holidays approaching, lots of people are starting to think of having their photos taken.  my current rate for a 2-3 hour portrait session is $300, but as my holiday gift to you, i am offering a blog special for $250!

the session must take place sometime between now and december 5 (my birthday!) to be eligible for this promotion.  all types of portrait sessions are eligible:  engagement/couple, family, boudoir, headshot, etc.

so if you or someone you know is interested, please contact me soon to schedule your session!


dear 2008 clients,

if you are looking to order an album in time for christmas, the time to act is now!  albums take 6-10 weeks to produce from start to finish, and we now have only just under 9 weeks til christmas!  please contact me asap to get your album started…


i can see that i have several voicemail messages, but for some reason, can’t check them from here in seattle. if you have called me, please email me at kristel(at) or phone me at 206.369.2258. this number will be good until monday october 6th, when i will be flying to prague, and then touring the czech republic for two weeks. i will be able to schedule consultations and sessions via email while away — i will try to check my email at least every other day or so. business will carry on as usual as soon as i return. i’m so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

i will be out of vancouver later this week, and will not return to vancouver until the 22nd of october, as i am going to the czech republic for two weeks!

for anyone with a contract out, if you finalize your booking this week before i leave, you will receive 5 additional pages in your album or a complimentary session of your choice. otherwise, it will likely have to wait until i return. i will be checking my email (and hopefully updating my blog) while away, but i don’t know how frequently. any print/product orders will be handled upon my return. for potential clients, please send the regular inquiry through my site, and we will arrange a consultation for when i return.

i apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but i’m sure you understand that i need vacations too! :o)

as i mentioned, i was out in white rock for a few days to attend a red leaf studios workshop. i keep trying to remember every detail, but i seriously learned so much, i don’t know that it’s possible to keep it all in my head. i spent all of yesterday just thinking, reading, thinking… and i know that the stuff i learned will be on my mind for quite some time as it really sinks in.

richard and amy are honestly two of the kindest people i’ve ever met. they really gave us 100%, and were basically available 24/7 for any and all questions we had. wednesday night, 7 of the 10 students left by 8pm, and the other two were gone by 10pm… but richard and amy sat up and talked with me until 1:30am, and i can’t explain how much that meant to me. i can be a pretty nervous person at times, but i really felt so comfortable talking with them and learning from them. last night, they went through my entire website with me, and critiqued every photo, which, on its own, was well worth the cost of the workshop. this was one of the best experiences of my life, both professionally and personally.

we had a few different models but surprisingly, i didn’t take very many photos. i preferred to watch richard and amy, seeing how they work. but here are a few…

when we first arrived at this location, i thought that i would not choose this spot for shooting, because the light was so spotty. but because of their teachings, i was able to take this random shot of amy photographing the model… this is directly from the camera, no editing whatsoever. and i just love the look of the colours and the light in it, even though it’s obviously not a great photo, composition-wise.

here’s another very cool technique richard taught, which i look forward to putting into practice very soon…

then, richard loaned me his 45mm tilt-shift lens, which was definitely a (fun) challenge for me. the lens does not have an autofocus, so that was tough on its own, let alone the shifting parts! but i loved it, and will be getting my own very very soon. here are a couple shots i took of stacey, who was very patient to stay in a pose for some time while i figured out the lens…

you’ll be seeing more from me + this lens very soon…

people often ask me: “if you were getting married, who would be your photographer?” the answer is, without question, saskatchewan-based red leaf studios. i am absolutely obsessed with their work and have been for quite some time. well, today, i finally get to meet them (richard and amy)!!! i am attending their 2.5 day workshop out in white rock, so i will be unavailable for the most part. i will be checking my email, but i can’t make any promises that i’ll be able to get back to you before friday. if it is urgent, please either phone me or make it clear in the email that it is a pressing matter, and i will try to call you as soon as i can.

i have been working for 14 hours straight, and have at least 2 more hours of work before i can go to bed. in this little two week time frame, i had/have 3 weddings, 4 portrait sessions, and a 2-day workshop. i also have to design two albums (and edit all of those weddings/sessions), plus lots and lots of business/accounting stuff… and you might think i’m complaining… but all i am… is grateful.

just one year ago, i wanted so badly to have a growing photography business, and to be able to share in one of the most wonderful days for a couple… over and over. it honestly made me cry, i wanted it so much. and now, here i am, making real progress towards my goals. i’ve been able to travel and witness real love every day. and it honestly makes me cry, because i am so thankful to have a “job” i love so much. i’ve been extremely fortunate to be trusted by you, despite my being new to this industry, and i can not thank you enough. you’ve allowed me to share in your life, but know that you’ve shared in mine too, and you all mean more to me than you’d believe. this has been the best summer of my life — and i can’t wait for next summer, because i already know it’s going to be even better. i have some beautiful weddings with amazing couples booked for next year (i’ve had to pinch myself a few times, they’re so wonderful), and i look forward to meeting those who i will have the pleasure of photographing next year (and beyond).

and because no post is complete without a photo, here’s a teaser from keith and leanne’s absolutely gorgeous wedding last weekend… hoping to have the full post up tomorrow…

love love love,


ok folks, i’m so sorry i haven’t responded to the insanely long list of emails i must respond to.  i was out of town and shot three weddings and two portrait sessions in 7 days, and yesterday, after the third, just crashed.  i just woke up after a 12 hour sleep.  i absolutely must run some errands today, but i promise to respond to all of my emails by tonight.  thank you so much for your patience!!

lots to come, including…

lara & steve :: wedding

kristen & nick :: couple session

my travels to orcas island

keith & leanne :: wedding

leigh & leslie :: wedding

you can set up a wedding registry for any prints, albums and products that i offer?  please contact me to set up your unique registry!