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Category Archives: bridal sessions.

here are some of my faves from 2008 — from weddings, portrait sessions, and my personal life.  i had almost 30 photos that are my faves from the year, and sort of randomly selected ten of them…

this is definitely my favourite detail shot from the year…



for a band i photographed in january…



i can’t even identify what i love about this photo.  i know it’s not technically a top ten, but there’s something about it that i love so much…





this one is so much better bigger…. there’s something about zin’s face that is just so perfect…


and, without question, my favourite photo from 2008….



dear blog readers,
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the session must take place sometime between now and december 5 (my birthday!) to be eligible for this promotion.  all types of portrait sessions are eligible:  engagement/couple, family, boudoir, headshot, etc.

so if you or someone you know is interested, please contact me soon to schedule your session!


as  you can tell from my blog entries this summer, i am available for worldwide destination weddings.  i am also available for worldwide portrait sessions.  perhaps you’d like to return to the university city where you met, or your favourite vacation spot — for your engagement photos.  maybe you are planning a family vacation to disney world and would like someone to document it — let me know!  my destination portrait packages are all-inclusive — they come with the session, all of my travel costs (airfare, lodging, etc.) and a disc of all high-resolution images!  destination packages start at $750… contact me for further details!

last sunday, i had the good fortune of shooting lisa and matt, for their day-after session. lisa is a photographer friend of mine, and who knew she was also such an awesome model?! and the other super-awesome thing about it was that i got to shoot with some other really cool photographers — chris, ed, and heather. check out their blogs in the next while to see their awesome versions of these shots….

i just love lisa’s cathedral-length mantilla veil…

and seriously, isn’t lisa gorgeous?!

i love this one!


this one is actually a total accident — i was just checking my settings and accidentally took this one while lisa was adjusting herself… well, in the end, i much prefer this version, even though it’s so grainy and totally underexposed… there’s just something about the lines of her body that i love.

don’t forget to check the other blogs to see more! and also, check out lisa’s site… it’s not fair that she’s so beautiful AND so talented!!!

after staying up all night editing two absolutely amazing sessions, i don’t have many words to add to the photos…

these were all shot during what became a photo marathon with amber, my friend / superstar photographer…

we mostly stayed in chinatown. i just love the purple next to her gorgeous red hair…

of course, i also love the green next to her red hair too…

umm… yellow’s looking great as well…


amber and i had been wanting to shoot here for ages and ages… thank you sooo much to amber for setting up the lighting for this shot for me!! so dramatic, i love it!

thank you, haley, for being such a trooper, and so willing to sit in… let’s just say… less than comfortable locations…

amber is the loveliest, classiest person i’ve ever met, hands down. i had one of the most enjoyable sessions ever with her, and then we went to one of her favourite restaurants which was absolutely wonderful, and i am still thinking of those delicious sopapillos! amber was such a natural model… you’ll notice that there are a ton (tonne?) of photos here… i seriously just could not choose.

i know these next two are basically identical… but again, i just couldn’t choose!

immediately after taking that last shot, it started to rain. and not “drip, drip rain” but… “rrraaaaiiiinnnn rain.” we ran for cover, as did everyone else. i didn’t really understand why (i mean, we’ll have to walk in it eventually), but amber said it only lasts for a few minutes… and she was right. however, when leaving our cover, we had to go through a huge puddle that came up past our ankles (it was completely unavoidable). i couldn’t believe that much rain had come down in such a short period of time… but as you can see… it did…

i’m pretty sure this one’s my favourite.

and one last shot from the washroom… that’s right… the washroom.

amber, i hope you love these as much as i do, and i can’t wait to see your wedding photos — keep in touch!!


ps — a huuuggggee thanks goes to amber’s friend holly, who scouted locations, did amber’s hair/makeup, carried equipment and a bunch of our random possessions, kept us from getting lost, and basically made sure amber looked perfect throughout. seriously, such a good friend!

amanda is beautiful, fun, hilarious, super nice, and great photographer to boot! i’ve been keeping an eye on her photos for over a year, and have always been inspired and entertained! so, it was so fun to hang out with her and take a few shots of her in her wedding dress while i was in greenville.

look at that light…






last friday was the greatest day ever, no joke. stephanie and i went out to take some bridal shots, and one thing lead to another, and we ended up shooting for six-plus glorious hours. we had a few interruptions (like lunch at mary mac’s tearoom) and a little “modeling” for an abc documentary, believe it or not.

it was really one of the greatest days ever, but i feel a little weird writing about it in a really positive way, because 24 hours later, a tornado hit atlanta, and destroyed many of the locations we shot in. i’ve only seen a few photos of some of these places, but stephanie phoned me yesterday to tell me she drove by there again, and that buildings were flattened, cars were overturned, and the neighbourhoods were just destroyed. i feel very sad that these beautiful, historic spots were damaged and are no longer there. and i worry about the kind people i met there, and pray that they are alright.

the morning of the tornado, i went to greenville, south carolina. i am definitely glad i wasn’t there that day, although returning to atlanta was strange… the hotel i had stayed in while in atlanta was closed because of extensive damage from the tornado, so i had to find another place to stay… and i’ll tell you about my awesome alternative soon. :o)

however, for what it’s worth, i am glad that i got a chance to photograph in these beautiful spots while they were still there.



sweet tea and fried chicken…


these next few shots were taken at the cotton mill lofts, which, as you might have guessed, used to be a cotton mill. i still can’t believe that while there, i kept saying how much i wanted to live there… now, the people that did live there are without a home.

my favourite shot of the day…




then, we went to the oakland cemetery, which is a national historic site. unfortunately, it was also heavily damaged.


i love this shot… i literally had room on my card for exactly one shot, and it came out exactly as i wanted.


natasha and i met up last wednesday to have a bridal shoot… we planned on going all over town, but ended up not even leaving the marriott marquis hotel!

natasha was wonderful, and a fantastic model, and all-around cool gal, but what made it even better was the amazing security guard, clemente. clemente is the most kick-butt human ever! he took us all over the place, treating me like the vip i wish i was. and not only was clemente so awesome, there were at least 3 other staff members that got involved, thinking of awesome secret locations. at one point, the manager of this breathtaking 1647-room hotel was moving plants around, saying “we can have her in the middle…” yes. that was one of the coolest experiences i had in the south, and definitely the best customer service experience of my life.

ok, but back to natasha… :o)

natasha is a very talented professional singer, and isn’t she also crazy gorgeous?!




we took this in a room up on the 47th floor… what a view!



natasha, i had such a great day with you! i’m so sad i didn’t get to stay in atlanta, i would have loved to have gone out for dinner with you!