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Kristel is a Vancouver wedding photographer originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. She now lives in a charming Gastown loft, where she keeps her apron collection, drinks peppermint tea, and roasts marshmallows. She loves photography, yoga, mittens on strings, good people, and love.

You can view more of her work at



  1. Kristel I’m Andrew’s Mom and I can’t thank you enough for including Andrew and Rachael in you photo shoot. The pictures are behond words. Wonderful , wonderful work……… Debi

  2. Hello Kristel, I’m Leigh & Leslie Ramsden’s auntie, and your photos brought tears to my eyes, they are so lovely. Their wedding was so beautiful and romantic and you have captured that essence perfectly. Fantastic work, Janet John.

  3. Hi Kristel, just came upon your blog and lvoe your work! Could you please shoot me an email to tell me who your book vendor is? I am presently wedding book vendor shopping 🙂 thanks!

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