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my new sample of keith & leanne’s september wedding has just arrived, and i’m absolutely crazy about it!


i am so happy to have found a company that provides everything i want in terms of quality and options but is still simple and classic and doesn’t rely on crazy patterns to make the album appealing.  (wow, that was a long sentence).


this is the thing i most wanted from an album company — the option to have engraving on the spine.  it seriously makes me so. so. happy.


and the album lays so beautifully flat, which is really really important to me, since i adore full-bleed spreads.


the printing quality is absolutely stunning.






  1. it looks gorgeous! love your layouts!

  2. It looks Beautiful! The layouts are very nice. Which album company is it?
    : )

  3. thanks guys, i’m really happy with it and can’t wait for my next order to arrive!

    katie, i’ll email you the company’s name. :o)

  4. I’d love to know the vendor, too!

  5. Arrgggh! I’m so jealous. Looks fabulous. I want me one.

  6. So beautiful Kristel! What size is this one?

  7. thanks, james! it’s a 10×10″

  8. Ms.Kristel – Bella! I love the cream. Can you shoot me an email and let me know the vendor as well? Thanks!

  9. Beautiful, love the album and your layouts make me very jealous.
    Could you let me know the vendor also?


  10. Kristel – I am salivating with jealousy and can’t wait to see the album you have coming for us!!! This album is stunning….

  11. I love it! The photos look awesome with those layouts!! Do u mind letting me know the vendor also? Thanks!

  12. whoops, didn’t mean to write twice, for some reason i didn’t think it worked the first time.. Sorry!!

  13. Kristel…its looks awesome! can you email me the company name also…it’s so lovely. I’m in the market for a new album company. THANKS KRISTEL!

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