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Monthly Archives: March 2009

please come check it out, and don’t forget to update your rss feeds to … i won’t be posting here anymore because the new one’s wayyyy better! — customized to my taste, and nice big pictures! yay!!


happy first anniversary to stacey and luke, who were married in a fantastic old mansion in greenville, south carolina on march 15, 2008.

my new sample of keith & leanne’s september wedding has just arrived, and i’m absolutely crazy about it!


i am so happy to have found a company that provides everything i want in terms of quality and options but is still simple and classic and doesn’t rely on crazy patterns to make the album appealing.  (wow, that was a long sentence).


this is the thing i most wanted from an album company — the option to have engraving on the spine.  it seriously makes me so. so. happy.


and the album lays so beautifully flat, which is really really important to me, since i adore full-bleed spreads.


the printing quality is absolutely stunning.




i read about this on a blog recently… you go for a walk, and count your steps. when you count to 100, you take a photo. today, when i was out, i tried this. a few times, i found myself in the middle of an intersection at the 100 count, so i just started again… i figured this little photo walk wasn’t worth dying for. ;o) i added an extra challenge — i could only take one photo at each stop. i only took five photos before i had somewhere else to be, but here they are.