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so, what a stressful day yesterday was. basically both my dentist and the oral surgeon had screwed up a lot of things, and ultimately, i had to be awake for the surgery, which i was furious about, but what could be done. it wasn’t too bad, although i was crying for part of it because i could feel the pressure and was expecting pain (which, of course, never came during that time, since i was on so many drugs). graeme came up from seattle to take care of me and bring me home from the surgery… he was in the waiting room and said the whole thing took about an hour and fifteen minutes (for four teeth — which also happened to be considered “high risk” since they were sort of dividing a nerve). it felt like fifteen minutes to me. i listened to my ipod but don’t remember a single song that played. and on the drive home, i don’t remember anything except waking, and, with my mouth full of gauze asking graeme “why did we have to take the ferry?” (from burnaby to downtown). he asked me to repeat myself and i did, and he confirmed, and was basically just like “go back to sleep.” then, i slept all day and night, and graeme woke me to take my medicine. he’s the best.

for a girl that’s never been to a doctor for anything more serious than an ear infection (excepting when i was born, which really doesn’t count), this is pretty hard-core…



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