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so, you know how i’ve been sick? well, i’ve been doing my darndest to get better by tomorrow. what’s so special about tomorrow? well, it just happens to be the day i am having 1, 2, 3, FOUR wisdom teeth removed. pretty crummy, eh? so, yeah, that’s what i’ll be up to tomorrow. and the whole reason i’m telling you this is because it’s nearly 2am, and i’m still wide awake. i went to bed at 11. i’ve known about this appointment for weeks and haven’t been too stressed, but as soon as my head hit the pillow, the awful thoughts settled in. plus, i knew i couldn’t eat past midnight and don’t know when i’ll be able to eat next, so i ate right before bed and am *still* so full (four hours later). pluuuuussss, the fact that i know i’m not allowed to drink anything makes me feel sooooo thirsty. like, “i’ve been walking through the desert for seven days” thirsty.

ok, 2am sharp. off to try again…

ps. for those of you who are waiting for an email response for any emails sent in the past couple days, i’m so sorry for the delay in my response, but i haven’t forgotten about you. promise.

pps. here’s part of my conversation with graeme tonight…
me: …people sometimes die when they’re put to sleep…
graeme: that almost never happens
me: …yeah, but, who has the worst luck ever for that stuff?…
graeme: that’s true, you’re always dying.


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