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just wanted to post today, since i haven’t posted in ages.  well, you’ve seen posts, but i actually wrote them back in november, so i feel like i haven’t been posting at all.  😉

today was a good day, overall, but full of frustration.  i realized i designed not one, but two albums at a ridiculously low resolution, so i had to go and re-do all of the spreads.  and i’m not one of those smart photographers that uses any sort of album design software or template… i do each spread manually in photoshop.  so, that sucked.  i was only able to re-do one of the albums, the other will have to wait til tomorrow.  i then had lunch with a photographer friend and ran some errands.  while out, i brought my camera with my tiltshift lens because… well, that lens is tricky to use, and it’s always good to practice with it.



i took this picture to remember the link on the bus, but ended up liking the shot.  which is good, because the link was boring.


i often come over here to sit and watch the mountains and the trains.  i was pretty pumped that i managed to focus perfectly on the moving helicopter.  of course, you can’t see… but if anyone wants to verify this in a full-res file, let me know!  ;o)


i guess this guy likes coming here too…



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  1. post this on switch! nice set of images :]

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