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the photographers that follow my blog are probably already aware of this program from kelly moore (one of my top five favourite photographers), which is how i first read about it.

i have been watching this video almost nonstop for the past week, and since i’m sharing it wish all my real life friends, i wanted to also share it with you.

i have always been so curious about what life is really like in africa, and plan to visit the continent in the next year or two to find out for myself.

oh, and if you’re interested in africa, you absolutely must pick up the book living africa — i bought a copy of it in december, and have looked at the amazing photos several times already. i can’t believe all the photos were taken by one man!


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  1. the first time i went to zambia i read “the shadow of the sun” by ryszard kapuscinski and it totally shaped my initial experience in africa. i highly recommend it (and africa, of course).

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