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as you can tell, i made it to seattle safe and sound. i spent christmas with my friend graeme and his parents. it was very kind of them to allow me to spend christmas with them, and i had a great time.

the adorable little tree that graeme’s mom picked up…


and here’s the christmas dinner we made… turkey, stuffing, brussels sprouts, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, biscuits… and of course, some nice wine!

i am posting this very unflattering picture of graeme because it cracks me up. and those of you that know graeme will laugh your head off by the photo after this one…


his wii character. have you ever seen such a perfect likeness?! hahaha.


john was sad when we had to wait to play wii


so, turns out i should be a professional boxer… according to my wii sports boxing abilities…


punching like a madman…


seriously, this was such a great christmas. we basically just ate, played wii, and watched tv… the planet earth series and it’s always sunny in philadelphia and lost: season 4.


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