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after reading about a vancouver homeless woman who burned to death after attempting to warm her make-shift shelter, i am trying to think of ways to help others at this time.  i came across an effort titled “sox in the city,” on the miss604 blog, which is so simple, yet brilliant.

i must admit that after living in gastown for all this time, i’ve become somewhat desensitized to the homeless around here. i have some simple things i try to always do, such as give away restaurant leftovers… but i’m ashamed to say that when i first read about the death of the homeless woman, i felt almost nothing. it took a few minutes for me to stop and think — wait a second — a person *died* trying to stay warm. it’s absolutely horrible.

so, i just went through my clothes to find some sweaters and warm items to donate tomorrow. i also went through my socks, and found 31 pairs of socks that are either never worn or worn once. THIRTY ONE. sadly, they aren’t the warmest (i’m allergic to wool, so i wear light socks)… but i’ll be donating those tomorrow, and hope they will bring someone some comfort.

it’s so easy to forget how much we have and how much we can help others. not even just “can,” but “must.” i think we have an obligation to help others, and i will be making that a bigger priority this year. if you are able to suggest ways that i can get more involved in my community and the world, please email me or leave a comment!

ps. incidentally, 31 is the number of comments i made donations to the vancouver food bank for… i’m planning on doing the same thing next year, and am hoping to triple that donation. thanks again to all that commented!!!!


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  1. I ran across one wedding photographer (wish I could remember his name) that every year donates all the profit from his biggest wedding to charity. He also regularly does one free wedding each year to who ever comes up with a the best reason.

    I thought this was amazing of him to do and I’m thinking I will have to try to do things like this when business gets to a point that allows me to be so generous.

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