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one of my favourite photographers, southern california’s sarah k. chen asked: “which season do you love the most and why?”

spring has always been my favourite season. as a kid, easter was my favourite holiday because it was usually the first day of the year i could ride my bike — now, to vancouverites, that won’t make sense… but in ontario, there’s a little thing called snow. my mom was always really strict about bike/snow safety — i absolutely could not ride my bike until the snow banks were below my knees, to avoid getting hit by a car. so, easter was usually when i could ride it. also, i’d always get skipping ropes and sidewalk chalk and other outdoor toys like that, and i’d spend the whole day outside playing. i was never really into the outdoors, but easter was always the exception, always my favourite. and that is why i’ve always loved spring.

however, lately, fall is really growing on me. all the beautiful colours, the cool winds, the changing trees… it’s wonderful. i’m sad i didn’t really get to do any awesome fall shoots this year, because i was away. but it was so wonderful to travel in the czech republic during the fall, simply because it made everything even more beautiful.


:: if you have a question or topic, please comment or email me, and i’ll add yours to the queue!! thanks so much for your help with winter blogging! :o)


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