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san jose photographer mariana asked “How do you manage to keep your cool and ROCK your sessions when everything is going wrong?”

those that know me know that i am a super nervous person. i get all red and shaky when meeting or talking to people, and photo sessions are no different. but i get through it by a) making fun of myself and joking about everything and b) shooting quickly. i go into every portrait session with a pretty relaxed attitude in terms of shooting… i don’t so much worry that i can’t get the photos i want, but i worry that i can’t not be nervous, you know? i definitely have off days (caused mostly by the fact that i’m soooo hard on myself), but the only way to get through it is to shoot a lot. i don’t spend much time in any spot — i never want my clients to get bored, so i try to wrap up each location before they know it. i find that when i go into a shoot with big plans for a specific spot/pose, it often doesn’t work out, and i get really distracted by my disappointment. so, i try to not make too many big plans, aside from a few posing ideas that i can direct if i run out of ideas.


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  1. AWW thanks Kristel! I think you Rock!

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