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julia asked: “For what or who do you truly live for and why?”

photography. that’s it. that’s my life. i’m ashamed to say i have few other things to talk about. last night, i was out with a couple friends and was sort of in a mopey mood, and when we started talking about photography, i was suddenly in the best mood and had so much to say. it struck me how my attitude changed. i am so grateful that i discovered photography. it changed the way i see the world, the way i see people, the way i see myself… i never realized how beautiful everything and everyone is. i lived most of my life with blinders on, and now i have nightmares where i can’t see anymore. i love being able to look at a picture i took and see that it is honest. those are always the best photos.  i hope to one day live a less selfish life, but for now, photography is the most important thing to me.


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