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jamie delaine, one of vancouver’s most kick-butt photographers and sweetest people i know of, asks “If you could visit one city in the world, leaving TOMORROW, where would you go?!!”

i’m weird. i really like to travel to unexpected places. the two most awesome trips of my life were a) a road trip of the southern u.s. states — la, ms, tn, nc, sc, ga, al — and b) to the czech republic and poland. both trips incited people to ask “WHY???” (as kylie would say, “why not?!”) i used to watch a lot of lonely planet shows with my dad, and i guess that’s why i love checking out these spots that you might not think of.

so, hopefully you can understand where i’m coming from when i tell you that my answer is antarctica. to be honest, i don’t even know if it’s possible to travel there — there are no actual permanent residents there, just government research stations, so i really don’t know how it would work… but antarctica must be the most breathtaking place on earth. as i showed in an earlier post, on the flight back from prague, i flew over greenland, and it almost made me cry. had i been standing on land, i would have been crying frozen tears. no one gets to see antarctica. i can close my eyes and picture what it’s like to know that you could walk for days and never see a building or a person or a car. really, antarctica is the only untouched place in the world, and i want to witness it.

plus, they have penguins. can you imagine seeing all those little penguins waddle around?!

look at this (and read the information), and it’ll be your dream too. :o)


:: if you have a question, please comment or email me, and i’ll add yours to the queue!! thanks so much for your help with winter blogging! :o)



  1. Aw! First of all: you are SWEET. 2nd of all, Antarctica!! Wow!!! What an answer!!! I would go to…Italy again. With an attractive man who is in love with me. Yup. That’s where I would go. 🙂

  2. haha, good call. definitely need to check out italy sometime too! why is the world so huge and beautiful and amazing?! wayyy too much to see!!

  3. i so completely understand!!
    when we got married, i actually wanted to go to the icefields in alberta for our honeymoon… i only caved because my hubby said he had always wanted to take his wife to the caribbean. i wasn’t sorry… but i still dream of visiting pristine, wide-open places… hoping the kids will be up for it soon coz i don’t want to wait till retirement!

    btw… i read an article once about a family that took a trip to antartica for a family vacation. it wasn’t cheap, considering the difficulty in making that possible, but the point was to learn and experience as much of the world as possible… don’t lose the dream! and if you go — we’d better see pictures! 🙂

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