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inta, a chicago photographer asked: “tell me about your dream…what you dream when it is cold and rainy outside and you are under the blanket with hot cup of tea in your hands.”

inta, that’s exactly what’s happening right now, i’m freezing cold under a blanket, drinking peppermint tea and listening to the rain on the skylight! i didn’t even plan it like that. :o) it’s kinda weird, because my perfect life is very similar to the life i have now, but i don’t feel like my life is perfect at all. i think that professionally, i am very happy, because i’ve been able to make great progress in good time, and know without doubt that i’m pursuing the right career for me. but of course i always want to get better and better. i want to be the best i can possibly be, and so i know i’ll never be 100% happy. but i love living in vancouver, and i love my apartment, and i am so happy with all of that. but the main thing that would be different in my perfect life would be my personal relationships. i’m single, and i have found it difficult to meet people and form friendships here. so sometimes, i feel lonely — and the better my life gets (based mostly on my career), the more it makes me wish i had someone close to tell about it. especially on a cold and rainy evening like now.


:: if you have a question, please comment or email me, and i’ll add yours to the queue!! thanks so much for your help with winter blogging! :o)


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  1. My questions for you:
    What is your photography wish list – what or who do you wish you could photograph

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