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question #2 comes from “mystery man,” whoever that is. :o) “What’s your happiest memory and why?”

hmm. this is really tough. i can’t just give one, so i’m going to have to give a few…

:: when i was little, my dad would let me brush his hair and put clips in it while he read the paper. that’s one of my really special memories

:: visiting my grandparents and eating banana muffins and banana milkshakes

:: the day i got my first dog

:: my 19th birthday… my friends had a “surprise party” for me… i put that in quotes because i knew all about the “surprise…” the entire purpose of the party was so we could invite the boy i had a crush on at the time… but it was awesome how so many people that meant so much to me came. it made me feel so good. i’ve never been one to have a huge number of friends, but that group was solid, and i miss them

:: my first visit to new york city. i had aaalllllwwaaayyyys wanted to go there (to the point that when i knew someone that was going there, i cried and cried) my dad and i had to leave a day early because we couldn’t find a hotel to stay at. we woke up, and i asked my dad if i could go buy some watermelon in a little store by our hotel, and he let me go alone. and i will always remember walking in a huge sea of people, and thinking, “if someone saw me, they’d think i lived here.” and to this day, that was the best watermelon ever.

:: saturday nights in sault, michigan with sandra

:: singing “evita” in the car with kristi (and watching the movie about one hundred times. literally).

:: about a million moments with my cousin/best friend kylie. acting out the gap commercials, pretending to have a talk show, pretending to have a cooking show, riding our bikes and singing loudly, diving for golf balls in the lake at our cottage… basically just all my time with her.

:: one of the first nights alone in my apartment in vancouver. i had just come from having roommates (which i hated), and i was totally unpacked and my place was super clean, and i sat in front of the fire listening to neil young, and i just felt amazing

:: the train ride to krakow on my most recent trip

:: there has only been one time in my life that i felt completely and totally understood, like i didn’t have to explain anything. and if i had to decide on just one answer, that would be it


gosh, so many! sorry! that’s a really hard question. and i’m sure i’m still forgetting so many. thanks for asking that, it’s so good to remember all the wonderful things i have had happen in my life!


:: if you have a question or topic, please comment or email me, and i’ll add yours to the queue!! thanks so much for your help with winter blogging! :o)


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  1. i really enjoyed reading the happy moments… it is good to ponder on the happy moments or achievments – brings positive energy to us!

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