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ok, question #1 is from rachel, a boston ma photographer. her question is “why pink?” which i am sort of confused by, but i’m assuming she’s asking about the shirt i’m wearing in the picture? (rachel, if i’m wrong, clarify — then, i’ll get to answer two questions! :o)

why pink? why not?! :o)

i love pink. i really really do. when i go into a store, i am automatically pulled towards anything that is pink, and i usually say something really intelligent and articulate like “cuuuttteeee…” pretty much all my clothes are pink or tiffany blue.

side note: my cousin recently had a philosophy exam in which she spent all kinds of time preparing for.. she went to the exam, and the question was “why?” well, she spent some time thinking about this, and finally wrote “why not?” and handed it in. she passed.


:: if you have a question or topic, please comment or email me, and i’ll add yours to the queue!! thanks so much for your help with winter blogging! :o)


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