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ok, i really need your help, folks. it’s a quiet time in terms of sessions, and i don’t have a whole lot to blog about, to be honest. so, i’m willing to answer any questions you might have. anything. it can be personal, professional, whatever. and as extra incentive, if you suggest a topic/ask a question (either by email or as a comment here), you’ll receive a little gift from me to you. so ask away!!!

ps. here’s me, bored, playing with photobooth, waiting for your questions, haha!




  1. why pink?

  2. What’s your happiest memory and why?

  3. If train “A” leaves San Diego at 3:47 am on Sunday February 28th (non leap year) travelling at 100km/hr headed north-east and train “B” leaves Chicago at 4:41 am travelling at 50 miles per hour headed west, what date, time, location and time zone will they intersect?

  4. Hello beautiful Kristel, I moved to North York to go to chiropractic school and miss miss miss rainy cool streets of downtown Vancouver….. i miss my friends and even though I am making ton of new friends, I am having hard time adjusting to my new very young and annoying roommates. Who thought 22 and 28 could be that different. I am not hating Toronto but I find it hard to like it at the same time. I pray for wisdom, patience and love.

  5. tell me about your dream…what you dream when it is cold and rainy outside and you are under the blanket with hot cup of tea in your hands.

  6. If you could visit one city in the world, leaving TOMORROW, where would you go?!!

  7. What is the hardest thing about being away from home, or is it hard at all?

  8. I love that pic of you!!
    For what or who do you truely live for and why?

  9. Why don’t you wear make-up and long hair more often?!?! 😉

    Um, let’s see…

    If you could photograph any singular event in history, what would it be? And why?

  10. You look STUNNING in that picture!

    What’s your favorite picture – famous or personal or just by someone you admire?

  11. OMG I think I have that pink top- if so it’s one of my FAVES!!

    OK here’s a work related question–

    How do you manage to keep your cool and ROCK your sessions when everything is going wrong?

    oh yea- and how come we never Yahoo?

  12. I just want to say that you look HOT!!! I’ll have to think of a question…

  13. Holy crap you look gorgeous in that photo!!! Wow!

  14. first off…. you look gorgeous in that pic!

    second… which season do you love the most and why?

  15. Why are you so awesome?

    How can I be more awesomer like you?

  16. missy. how do you book all your wonderful clients?

  17. What is your favorite colour? What is the flight speed of an unladen swallow?

    (lol… you asked for ANY questions…)

  18. What is your ABSOLUTE favorite thing to shoot and why?

    I want specifics! No generic answers like “weddings”… I want to know what really does it for you when you’re behind the lens! 🙂

  19. If you could be any animal in the world what would it be and why?

  20. why is rhode island neither a road or an island?

  21. what can i do to suck up to you?
    at what temperature does gelatin freeze?
    how many geese does it take to make a flock?
    why are marshmallows so good when they are on fire?
    what color undies am i wearing? guess?
    whats your favorite candy bar?
    if you could change your name, what would it be?

  22. Why is Scotty such a Smarty pants?

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