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remember julia and dean?

well, they had these amazing videographers come all the way from asheville, north carolina to film their wedding.  paul and holley (who are also just two really super people) emailed me to let me know the video is finished — check it out!!

paul and holley, i love the video!  you really captured the day beautifully… i hope to work with you again in the future!  oh, ps… sorry for being in your shot when the ceremony ended!



  1. Hey Kristel,

    Thanks for your kind words about our work!
    We would love to come out to Vancouver some time soon.
    Of course, we’ll try and get you down here to Asheville some time.

    Paul and Holley

  2. Oh wow! What a great trailer! Thanks for posting it. It looked like a really great wedding.

  3. Wow… that was very nice!

  4. i can’t see the clip. where is it posted?

  5. larisa, does the link not work for you? click where it says “check it out” and let me know if it doesn’t work… :o)


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