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Monthly Archives: November 2008

my aunt karen asked “What is the hardest thing about being away from home, or is it hard at all?”

i am going to be completely honest here.

like i mentioned a few days ago, i moved away when i was about 20. at the time, i thought i’d return to ontario, but i never did. ultimately, i know i made the right decision, because my whole life, i wanted to live in vancouver. and before i lived here, i moved and travelled around, and i’m grateful for the things i experienced as a result. and although i don’t often get homesick, i do have regrets. when i was a kid, i just wanted to be different, i wanted to be better. and although this might sound positive, it affected me in a negative way, to the point where i sort of alienated myself. because i didn’t actually *feel* better than others… in fact, i felt worse. i never trusted anyone with this information, so i distanced myself from others. i was very insecure and always felt like the black sheep of the family, and although all i wanted was to be a part of it, i pushed them away, and acted like i didn’t care. and now, here i am, 26 years old, and i miss and long for something i chose to never experience.


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jamie delaine, one of vancouver’s most kick-butt photographers and sweetest people i know of, asks “If you could visit one city in the world, leaving TOMORROW, where would you go?!!”

i’m weird. i really like to travel to unexpected places. the two most awesome trips of my life were a) a road trip of the southern u.s. states — la, ms, tn, nc, sc, ga, al — and b) to the czech republic and poland. both trips incited people to ask “WHY???” (as kylie would say, “why not?!”) i used to watch a lot of lonely planet shows with my dad, and i guess that’s why i love checking out these spots that you might not think of.

so, hopefully you can understand where i’m coming from when i tell you that my answer is antarctica. to be honest, i don’t even know if it’s possible to travel there — there are no actual permanent residents there, just government research stations, so i really don’t know how it would work… but antarctica must be the most breathtaking place on earth. as i showed in an earlier post, on the flight back from prague, i flew over greenland, and it almost made me cry. had i been standing on land, i would have been crying frozen tears. no one gets to see antarctica. i can close my eyes and picture what it’s like to know that you could walk for days and never see a building or a person or a car. really, antarctica is the only untouched place in the world, and i want to witness it.

plus, they have penguins. can you imagine seeing all those little penguins waddle around?!

look at this (and read the information), and it’ll be your dream too. :o)


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inta, a chicago photographer asked: “tell me about your dream…what you dream when it is cold and rainy outside and you are under the blanket with hot cup of tea in your hands.”

inta, that’s exactly what’s happening right now, i’m freezing cold under a blanket, drinking peppermint tea and listening to the rain on the skylight! i didn’t even plan it like that. :o) it’s kinda weird, because my perfect life is very similar to the life i have now, but i don’t feel like my life is perfect at all. i think that professionally, i am very happy, because i’ve been able to make great progress in good time, and know without doubt that i’m pursuing the right career for me. but of course i always want to get better and better. i want to be the best i can possibly be, and so i know i’ll never be 100% happy. but i love living in vancouver, and i love my apartment, and i am so happy with all of that. but the main thing that would be different in my perfect life would be my personal relationships. i’m single, and i have found it difficult to meet people and form friendships here. so sometimes, i feel lonely — and the better my life gets (based mostly on my career), the more it makes me wish i had someone close to tell about it. especially on a cold and rainy evening like now.


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“Hello beautiful Kristel, I moved to North York to go to chiropractic school and miss miss miss rainy cool streets of downtown Vancouver….. i miss my friends and even though I am making ton of new friends, I am having hard time adjusting to my new very young and annoying roommates. Who thought 22 and 28 could be that different. I am not hating Toronto but I find it hard to like it at the same time. I pray for wisdom, patience and love.”

aww, larisa, i so know how you feel! i moved away from home when i was 20, i think, and have been away from friends and family, so i know how you feel (i’ll go into this further in an upcoming question). just remember that you are only there for school, and before you know it, it’ll be over, and you’ll be back in cold and rainy vancouver! and when you are, we can do a photoshoot in the rain to commemorate it, at which point you’ll realize you miss ontario. :o) i wish you all the best!!! xoxo


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last week, i had the awesome opportunity to hang out with zin and take some photos of her before her first baby is born in a few weeks. she is absolutely gorgeous and totally sweet and up for anything, and i really had a great time. plus, her cousin tas made the most delicious green curry for dinner — thank you so much for inviting me to stay!



zin is a natural supermodel.


as you can see, this is not at all a traditional maternity shoot.  i love that zin was up for something new and more fashion-y.


awesome photos can be taken anywhere, including in the mail room…


zin’s husband hus got involved.  i’m pretty much in love with all of the photos of the two of them together…


this is 100% out of focus, but for some reason, i’m crazy about it.



i lovelovelovelovelove these two (photos and people).


ok, i know i said you could ask *anything,* but seriously, kristi… “If train “A” leaves San Diego at 3:47 am on Sunday February 28th (non leap year) travelling at 100km/hr headed north-east and train “B” leaves Chicago at 4:41 am travelling at 50 miles per hour headed west, what date, time, location and time zone will they intersect?”

i just spent like ten minutes thinking of what to even say to this.


i don’t know.


seriously. i don’t even know what to say…

i’m about to hit “publish” now.

question #2 comes from “mystery man,” whoever that is. :o) “What’s your happiest memory and why?”

hmm. this is really tough. i can’t just give one, so i’m going to have to give a few…

:: when i was little, my dad would let me brush his hair and put clips in it while he read the paper. that’s one of my really special memories

:: visiting my grandparents and eating banana muffins and banana milkshakes

:: the day i got my first dog

:: my 19th birthday… my friends had a “surprise party” for me… i put that in quotes because i knew all about the “surprise…” the entire purpose of the party was so we could invite the boy i had a crush on at the time… but it was awesome how so many people that meant so much to me came. it made me feel so good. i’ve never been one to have a huge number of friends, but that group was solid, and i miss them

:: my first visit to new york city. i had aaalllllwwaaayyyys wanted to go there (to the point that when i knew someone that was going there, i cried and cried) my dad and i had to leave a day early because we couldn’t find a hotel to stay at. we woke up, and i asked my dad if i could go buy some watermelon in a little store by our hotel, and he let me go alone. and i will always remember walking in a huge sea of people, and thinking, “if someone saw me, they’d think i lived here.” and to this day, that was the best watermelon ever.

:: saturday nights in sault, michigan with sandra

:: singing “evita” in the car with kristi (and watching the movie about one hundred times. literally).

:: about a million moments with my cousin/best friend kylie. acting out the gap commercials, pretending to have a talk show, pretending to have a cooking show, riding our bikes and singing loudly, diving for golf balls in the lake at our cottage… basically just all my time with her.

:: one of the first nights alone in my apartment in vancouver. i had just come from having roommates (which i hated), and i was totally unpacked and my place was super clean, and i sat in front of the fire listening to neil young, and i just felt amazing

:: the train ride to krakow on my most recent trip

:: there has only been one time in my life that i felt completely and totally understood, like i didn’t have to explain anything. and if i had to decide on just one answer, that would be it


gosh, so many! sorry! that’s a really hard question. and i’m sure i’m still forgetting so many. thanks for asking that, it’s so good to remember all the wonderful things i have had happen in my life!


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ok, question #1 is from rachel, a boston ma photographer. her question is “why pink?” which i am sort of confused by, but i’m assuming she’s asking about the shirt i’m wearing in the picture? (rachel, if i’m wrong, clarify — then, i’ll get to answer two questions! :o)

why pink? why not?! :o)

i love pink. i really really do. when i go into a store, i am automatically pulled towards anything that is pink, and i usually say something really intelligent and articulate like “cuuuttteeee…” pretty much all my clothes are pink or tiffany blue.

side note: my cousin recently had a philosophy exam in which she spent all kinds of time preparing for.. she went to the exam, and the question was “why?” well, she spent some time thinking about this, and finally wrote “why not?” and handed it in. she passed.


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ok, i really need your help, folks. it’s a quiet time in terms of sessions, and i don’t have a whole lot to blog about, to be honest. so, i’m willing to answer any questions you might have. anything. it can be personal, professional, whatever. and as extra incentive, if you suggest a topic/ask a question (either by email or as a comment here), you’ll receive a little gift from me to you. so ask away!!!

ps. here’s me, bored, playing with photobooth, waiting for your questions, haha!


well, not a whole lot to report here… i’ve been keeping very very busy with business stuff, but no new shoots to share. 2009 is booking quickly, so if you’re thinking of contacting me about your wedding, sooner is better than later.

the other night, i had dinner with lara (see her wedding here)… it was a yucky day weather-wise…


but i really had such an enjoyable time. lara also gave me the sweetest card ever, which i won’t share here because it’s way too nice, it’s almost embarrassing. but lara, know that your words mean sooooo much to me!!


also, last night, i went out with my good friend ali. now, i very rarely go out on a saturday night — i’m always working (either at a wedding or just doing editing and stuff at home…) but last night, she twisted my arm, and i’m so glad she did!

here are a few shots of us that she took on her point and shoot….




speaking of which, i need a point and shoot camera! any recommendations??