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i was inspired to do this list as soon as i read the title of susan’s entry, and when she challenged her readers to write a list, i knew i *had* to do it!

– learn how to use the functioning 1930’s film camera i picked up in the czech republic
– use said camera to take a photo worth printing
– plan something fun for my birthday.
– make a new friend
– book at least 3 more weddings for 2009
– buy a plane ticket to visit my hometown sometime soon!!!!
– do a raw food cleanse for 14 days or more
– purge my apartment of a lot of the things i don’t need or use
– buy a ringlight and be ready to do a photobooth!
– read more!  read at least 2 books that are NOT related to photography or business
– become a proud owner of the canon 24 1.4 lens (ok, i probably won’t get this by my birthday.  but i really really want it).
– compliment people more
– mail my friend kelly the shirt i told her i’d get her
– have my blog professionally designed
– order another sample album
– have the lightbulbs in my apartment changed.  this might not seem like a big deal, but they’re 18″ up, so i can’t just do it myself.  oh, and have the fan CLEANED.  yuck!!
– experience just one minute where i have ZERO emails to read
– i bought a little statue in the czech republic that broke in transport.  glue it back together.  it won’t be the same, but i love it too much to just get rid of it
– do a photoshoot in the snow
– buy another bookcase
– get a massage
– renew my yoga membership
– do a shoot at sunrise.  which shouldn’t be too difficult, considering it rises at like 8am now…
– order personalized stationery
– make my bed every day

shoot, i just wrote all that and posted it, and then realized… i’m already 26.  i’m turning 27 on december 5.  so i need one more thing… to be honest, the most important thing that i have to do before my birthday is a secret.  but right now, i am promising myself that i will do it.  it’s the hardest one to do, and if i can even just check this one and none of the others, i’ll be proud.


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  1. I’m so glad kristel!!! can’t wait to see your progress! 😀 😀 i love your one about complimenting people more… i should totally do that too 🙂

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