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when in olomoucs, czech republic, i stopped in a used and vintage camera store.  at home, i have no interest in antique stores, but there, i did, because they have actual antiques… here, they’re probably just full of cassette players.  so, when we passed this store, i obviously had to go in.  the woman didn’t speak a word of english, but we communicated through signs and my trusty language book to buy these 3 new-old cameras.  two of which, actually work.

fokaflex fokar II camera on the left :: made in 1952, and says “made in czechoslovakia” on it.  sadly, this one doesn’t work.

balda juwella camera in the middle :: 1939.  this one does work with regular film, so i picked up two black and white rolls, and hope i’m able to create something pretty from it.

pronto agc camera on the right :: this plate film camera is impossible to find information on!  but i assume it’s older than the juwella, based on the fact that it doesn’t use rolling film.  if i ever were to find the film, however, it does actually work.  it came with one single plate of film.

i never shot with film, but i wish i had.  film forces you to slow down, read the light, and select the proper settings.  so i’m hoping those two rolls of film will be a wonderful learning exercise for me.



  1. OMG! so in love here.

    I love film!! So much that in my upcoming trip to Buenos Aires, I might take only film cameras ( yes plural).

    I can’t wait to see what comes out. and if you need – i’m happy to print something up for you in the darkroom on fiber paper

  2. mariana, i definitely plan on contacting you for advice on how to use these and deal with the film, haha! i know you’re the go-to for film…

    buenos aires! soooo awesome!

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