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where were we… oh yes… in PRAGUE.  i still can’t believe i got to do an engagement session IN PRAGUE.  i want to live there so i can shout “IN PRAGUE” a thousand times each day…

by some miracle, the maniacal clock-loving tourists gave us a quarter of a second to get this shot…

we had to do something with those beautiful cobblestones… as much as we hated them for the pain they caused us, walking all day…

it kind of makes me mad to see how pretty she is.  and she’s also super adorable and sweet.  ugh.  haha.

i love this  one!

and this one…. somehow, we managed to find a quiet alley.  (just had a flash of what the alley in behind my apartment building looks like… umm… i miss prague!!!!)

ok, i just love them all…

this was theressa’s idea, and i think it turned out perfectly!

then, theressa, damon, the g-man and i went for dinner to this AMAZING lebanese restaurant.  seriously, i can’t stop thinking about that food.  it was soooo good.

theressa and damon, i can’t wait to hang out with you again in vancouver!!!  enjoy the rest of your time in europe!



  1. I love this whole set Kristel, but that shot of the clock is ridiculously awesome! Seriously…RIDICULOUS! Awesome work! 🙂

  2. In love….=)

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