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sometimes, it’s a little difficult to think of good locations for photoshoots.  umm… not when you’re in PRAGUE.  so, here’s a funny little story… about 2 months ago, i had a consultation with theressa and damon, here in vancouver.  i mentioned that i was going to prague in october, and they mentioned that they were also going to prague in october!  so, of course, we couldn’t pass up on doing their engagement session there…

i LOVED hanging out with them in prague.  it was so nice to a) speak english and not feel guilty for it and b) just hang out.  seriously, these two are so fun.  and despite the fact that i was made rather uncomfortable by theressa’s ridiculously unfair beauty, it was one of the most enjoyable sessions ever.

it’s hard to capture the beauty of prague in a photo.  but i think this well represents the architecture…

i love the way the light just wraps around  her hair.  her perfect, beautiful hair.  haha.

ok, part two will come in two days.  be there or be square.


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