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so, day ten was supposed to be spent at prague castle, but once we saw the main square (the largest square in europe), we decided to add on an extra day to our stay in krakow and hang out in the square.

i love pigeons. a lot. and i’ve never seen so many. so i took about 200 photos of them. seriously.

this little girl loved the pigeons almost as much as i did.

the pigeons rule the square…

there was a beautiful photo exhibit showing the faces of people from all over the world. it was very touching, and reminded me of how powerful a good portrait is…

i’m not sure what this was for, but it seemed like perhaps a memorial of some sort? the children were all lined up in a long row, and i caught these girls playing a clapping game behind this boy’s back while the ceremony was going on…

then, we took a group tour to wieliczka salt mine. i know that “salt mine” might sound boring. but it was insanely cool.  here’s a summary from wikipedia…

“The mine reaches down to a depth of 327 meters and is over 300 km long.  The Wieliczka salt mine features a 3.5-km. tour for visitors (less than 1% of the length of the mine’s passages) that includes statues of historic and mythic figures. The older works were sculpted by miners out of rock salt, more recent figures have been fashioned by contemporary artists. Even the crystals of the chandeliers are made from rock salt that has been dissolved and reconstituted to achieve a clear, glass-like appearance. The rock salt is naturally grey, in various shades like granite, so that the carvings resemble carved unpolished granite rather than having the white or crystalline appearance that many visitors expect.

everything you see… salt.

salt.  a huge chapel made of salt.  they said there were 36 chapels in the whole mine.  the miners were very religious and the job was very dangerous, so they built chapels all over the place to pray in.

salt.  seriously.  it’s all salt.  even that huge floor is just one solid piece of salt that was then hand-carved to appear paved.  they have weddings in this room.  i would like to shoot one of them.  :o)


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  1. Kids love the pigeons in the old town. I have a similar picture with a kid being swarmed by pigeons after feeding them.

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