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day 9 was spent in olomouc, czech republic, a tiny university town with amazing food. if you ever end up here, order the fried lemon chicken from caesar, in the main square. but get it to go because the air there is so thick, you could cut it with a knife. that’s what i hate about here… everyone smokes everywhere. yuck yuck yuck.

but how could you hate a place where grass grows on the roof?…

there’s that awesome statue again…

this is another one of the 5 billion statues in the square…

this is an astronomical clock. the czechs believe that you have a birth day and a name day, and it’s at least as important as your birthday, if not more so. ie. you get more presents. the problem is that i couldn’t figure out my name day. so, i’ll just have to accept presents 365 days a year. there’s no other way.

this is sort of a painful memory that this photo can’t quite capture. this was taken about half way up a little bell tower that we climbed. it was an “enter at your own risk” place with thin pieces of wood with holes in them to walk on. really, it didn’t feel very safe at all and we just kept walking and walking and i kept thinking of how the wood will break and we’ll fall to our death. i’m weird — every day, i think i’m going to die. does anyone else have that?

in the end, we made it to the top. i wish i had taken some better photos, but i was pretty much panicked.

then, we made a very special shopping trip. you’ll see that soon…

our last activity was checking out this beautiful cathedral. i can’t even remember the name of it. seriously, we’ve seen soooo many cathedrals.

next was a 5 hour train ride to krakow, poland. on the way, we met the nicest girls, and i was super sad when they got off the train. :o( graeme and i passed some time playing cards. at one point, we were playing crazy 8’s and i had 34 out of 52 cards. so i was really glad when graeme won and put me out of my misery.

poland is a beautiful and magical land. we arrived just after 9pm and were greeted at the train station by an english-speaking man whose job was to give directions or travel tips, etc. then, we went outside, and were in this square. the moon was way prettier than it looks in this photo…

as you can see, krakow is a really modern (yet historic) city. it’s the perfect balance…

so by the time we got to our hotel and checked in, it was after ten, but there was an amazing restaurant just a few doors away from us still open. we had pierogies and duck and delicious roasted carrots and a bunch of other stuff that i can’t remember but wish i could because it was so freaking good.


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  1. Hi Kristel,
    Welcome to Poland! 🙂
    I see that your trip is focused on seeing the highlights, and for that, I think Kraków was a perfect choice. Enjoy your stay, and make sure you try some of the Polish food.

    We miss you on the SWPB!

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