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day 8 was not really the most exciting to describe, but it was one of the nicest days i’ve had here. we woke up early in cesky krumlov, walked around the town a little bit more, and then headed to the train station. the train ride was such a wonderful experience, just looking out the window and feeling the breeze… i felt so ridiculously happy.

i can’t get over the contrasts here… so many badly-damaged neighbourhoods right next to golden squares…

we stopped in brno, which is the second biggest city in the czech republic. crossing the street there was one of the most stressful things i’ve ever done… there were about ten lanes of traffic with buses and trains AND trams. add to the mix the darkness and my inability to read signs or understand people… i was pretty stressed. but i had to cross the street to use the kfc washroom, because the one in the train station cost… get this… $3 (50 czech crowns). seriously! i’m so sick of paying to use washrooms!  so, in the end, we made it safely to olomouc.  it’s a pretty small university town, and we didn’t really know what to expect.  we took a bus into the main area there.

we were so fortunate… when we arrived there, we met a couple gentlemen that really helped us out with a) suggesting a hotel to us b) walking us there c) negotiating with the guy at the front desk to get us a suite at about half the price of a basic room d) giving us all kinds of travel advice and e) just being cool people to chat with for a bit.  we’ve really been fortunate with some of the people we’ve met.  i know i’m forgetting some, and i don’t mean to.  i need to blog sooner or else i forget, so i apologize.  :o)

hope to update you again tomorrow on day 9 and 10.  well, and 11, i suppose.  that’s kinda stressful.  i’m going to bed.  :o)


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