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as you can see, i’ve been running into some difficulties with finding internet. but i’m doing my best!!

last you heard, we were in cesky krumlov. we started the day by checking out one of the many amazing cathedrals here. i like visiting cathedrals because they only take a few minutes, but each time you see one, you feel like you’ve gotten something big done.

then we went to the cesky krumlov state castle. i love the shadows on the wall.

we walked up 186 steps to the top of the watchtower. freaking love this country.

then we spent a lot of the day just sitting on an outdoor patio having coffee and then looking in adorable czech shops at handmade wooden pieces and ceramics. it’s so lovely there. after a nice czech dinner (duck with dumplings and roasted cabbage), we went for a little walk to see the night view of the castle.

we were very sad to leave the next day…



  1. i have been following your travels..absolutely brilliant.. 🙂 can’t wait for the next post.. 🙂

  2. That castle is amazing!

  3. Hello, dear! It’s wonderful to catch up with your travels! I’m looking forward to the next blog! 😉

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