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Yesterday was a good day. After our leisurely breakfast, I walked over to the bus station to get information on how to get to cesky krumlov. After asking many people if they spoke English, I finally ran into the nicest guy ever, martin. He’s a Czech with very good English and he offered to walk me to the train station and even stayed to be a translator. He was so nice, and I wish I had taken a picture of him, but I didn’t have my camera with me.
So I went back to the café where Graeme was waiting, and we headed over to the train station., making a quick stop for an oplatky for me, and for Graeme… ice cream. But not just any ice cream. Ice cream in a vending machine. The machine drops a cone into a holder, then dispenses soft-serve ice cream into it. It was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.

then, we took a bus from karlovy vary (where becherovka comes from) to pilzen, (where pilsner beer comes from). When we arrived in Pilzen, there was a really nice couple that gave us a ride to the train station. We didn’t realize how far it was, and we really appreciate their kindness. Here are a few shots from the window of the bus….

Then a train from pilsen to cesky budejovice (where Budweiser beer comes from). On this ride, we met another super nice lady that gave us some travel trips. And finally, a train to cesky krumlov (not sure if any alcohol was originated here). I didn’t take photos on this ride because a) it was dark and b) we were chatting with a Chinese girl who is doing a crazy whirlwind trip of Europe – 21 cities in I think 7 countries in 21 days!!

more on cesky krumlov soon…


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