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well, yesterday wasn’t really too exciting in terms of activities, but it was still one of the most wonderful things i’ve ever done!  i just can’t believe that the czech republic isn’t given the same attention as france or italy, it’s just amazing.  graeme and i talked about it and said it must be related to communism… it wouldn’t have been the best place to come to during that time, and it just takes a long long time for a nation to recover from that.  it’s very sad, because it’s honestly the most wonderful place.

karlovy vary is a spa town. but not the kind of spa we would expect.  there are (i believe) 13 different springs here, full of minerals, and they are believed to have healing properties.  you can stay in a “spa,” but it’s very much like a hospital, very bright and sterile.  at these spas, you get 3 treatments daily.  well, when i read that, i was really excited.  but… what that means here is that you get examined 3x daily as you drink the spa water, or maybe you’ll sit in a bath tub full of spring water for a few minutes.  good health is for the rich though, because it’s upwards of $500 for two people for one night.  the funniest part is that the treatments we think of as “spa treatments” are really cheap here… about $30 for a 60 minute massage.  i read that like north americans don’t understand their spas, they don’t understand ours.  anyways, the springs basically look like this, although each spring has their own display style.  people come up with little cups specifically made for drinking the waters and fill up.  each of the springs is at a very different temperature… i sort of liked drinking one of the hot ones (I think 76 degrees), but didn’t like the taste of the others.  they were all really salty.

one thing i did like the taste of, though… oplatky!  this is the best little cookie ever.  they sell them everywhere here in about a dozen flavours, and they only cost about 30 cents.

I like birds.

like i said, we didn’t really “do” a whole lot yesterday, just walked around and went in some shops.  (we also went to the grandhotel pupp, which graeme was excited about because it was featured in some james bond movie) but it was amazing just to experience this magical little town.  the streets are somewhat difficult to navigate (true for everywhere in the czech republic) because they are so windy and hilly and you never know where you’re going or if it’ll be a dead end when you get there.  that’s what happened to us here, but it was ok, because we got this wonderful view…

I am now sitting in that same café as yesterday, eating the same delicious toast.  After this, I’ll grab another oplatky on our way to the bus station.  I don’t know where we’re going from here… maybe cesky krumlov, maybe budejovic, maybe pilzen… but i know it’ll be wonderful.  and I’m really looking forward to the ride there.


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