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yesterday, after breakfast, graeme and i wandered around a bit and had breakfast at the same spot as the day before. it’s interesting how no matter how many times we step outside of the hotel, we are just blown away by the beauty of the city. i love just being here — even the simplest of activities feel so special here. we then went to st. nicholas cathedral. i’ve never seen anything like that place…


then, we checked out of our hotel… while i was waiting for graeme to sort out where we’re going next, i was setting up a shot just to pass the time, and then this man walked right into the shot, turned around, and smiled. i was able to focus quickly enough, and now, i love this photo so much.

after checking out of the hotel, we took the subway to the (greyhound-type) bus station. for $9, we took a 2-hour trip to karlovy vary. the ride here was one of the most amazing things that’s ever happened to me… after seeing all the beauty of prague, to then see the contrast of the country… prague feels like what i imagine paris feels like, but just outside of the city is definitely eastern europe. centuries of poverty + communism has really left the country in a bad state. which is not to say that it’s not beautiful, because it most definitely is, but it’s just… worn. when we leave karlovy vary tomorrow, i’ll take photos to show what i mean. another thing i noticed… no one here has a car. even in the cities, there aren’t that many cars… pedestrians just walk in the streets and it’s rarely any sort of an issue. i guess that’s just one of the remaining effects of communism… people wouldn’t have been allowed to have cars, and now, they still can’t afford them. it works out well though, i think, because the public transportation is super cheap and super effective.

karlovy vary is a ridiculously cute town, and i’m really looking forward to taking lots of photos today. right now, we’re in the only non-smoking place we could find (which is also where we had dinner last night). they don’t really have food… last night, i asked if they had sandwiches, and she said just toast. so i ordered it, and in the end, it came grilled with ham and butter and cheese in it… so, basically, a sandwich. they also have the most delicious cakes. like i mentioned before, the czech don’t really eat breakfast, nothing more than some bread and cheese, so we’re having the same toast again. two toasts, two pieces of sweet cakes (one blueberry one apple), one latte and one irish coffee = $15. not bad. helps compensate for our $150+ off-season-rate room.


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  1. *swoon!* It all looks so beautiful! I can’t wait to go back there someday, but for now I’ll live vicariously through your photos!

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