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so, yesterday, after writing the post of day 1/2, graeme and i got ready and headed out for breakfast. well, turns out, that’s a real challenge in prague. apparently czechs aren’t big on breakfast. it took a lot of walking to find a restaurant with breakfast. i had the most delicious spicy indian hot chocolate with mine… people here are really into hot chocolate. you can get about ten different kinds at each restaurant! while there, we met the nicest people from england, and i really enjoyed sitting in a nice little cafe in prague, chatting with them. people in prague also seem to get a late start in the day… but here’s one man off to work with his briefcase…

the g-man, happy to have finally eaten breakfast…

i’m really glad we came here in the fall. it’s slightly cool, but so ridiculously beautiful…

graeme, taking some pictures…

after a long walk up a long hill, we were rewarded with this…

so, at the top of that hill was prague castle. we went to the gallery first, and the lady mentioned a library, and i asked if we had to buy our tickets for everything separately (because i know prague castle has a cathedral and about a zillion other things)… she said yes. well, we went through the gallery and it was quite nice, and then we were headed to the library and stopped to look at a map (to see how to find the other stuff)… well, turns out, we weren’t at prague castle at all! it was some other amazing old monastery “the premonstratensian monastery at strahov.”

the ceiling of the restaurant where we had lunch. graeme ordered… wow, i don’t even know how to say this… fried cheese. it gets worse. the “meal” is: fried cheese with french fries and tartar sauce. that’s how it comes, you just order it. can you believe it?!! that said, it was delicious. also of note… here, they eat a lot of cheese. with butter. they butter their cheese. and it’s not even on a cracker… the cheese *is* the cracker for the butter.

i hate having my picture taken…

next, we went to sternbersky palace, and checked out some more art. no photos from there…

ok, gotta run!  we’re off to some cathedral (i seriously can’t keep the names straight…) and then, taking a train to karlovy vary.  hope to update you again tonight/tomorrow!


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