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what a trip! this is my first time leaving north america, and although it’s obviously worth it, i am totally beat!! monday morning, i woke up after 2-3 hours of sleep, raced to the post office (clients tas, julia and michele, your discs are in the mail!), then headed to the airport. first of all, i need to say it… seattle has the most disorganized system ever. honestly, “system” isn’t the right word, because that implies that there was some sort of planning involved. there clearly wasn’t. seriously, every time i’m there, i’m a total basketcase. we flew from there to detroit, and i kinda like this shot i took sitting in a corner charging my laptop before boarding the plane to amsterdam…

we flew with klm, and so far, i am crazy about them. the flights were smooth, the service was great, they fed us lots of (surprisingly good) food and drink, and they didn’t lose our luggage. the flight from detroit to amsterdam was just over 7 hours, and it really wasn’t too bad because of all the a) distractions like food and drinks they kept coming around with and b) in-seat entertainment. the tv screen on the back of each seat can be used to watch tv, movies, listen to music or audiobooks, play games, send emails and text messages, etc.

flying in to amsterdam was really cool… i saw at least a hundred windmills popping up through clouds. it was so beautiful. i wish i had taken a photo, but my camera was in the overhead. the amsterdam airport is very modern-looking and has lots of neat shops. i loved seeing all the different everyday products they sell, like little waffles in vending machines, or… herring… i mean, who doesn’t pick up their frozen fish in an airport…

so many opportunities to drink wine and beer here!…

then, it was off to prague!!  we decided to save some money and take public transportation to our hotel.  i loved the designs of the subway stations!

then, we made the short walk to our hotel.  i didn’t take very many photos yesterday because i was so tired (i slept less than 30 mins total on the flights here), and because i was managing my luggage, but i just couldn’t believe that people walk here every day.  people walk past this view on their way to work here.  insane.

after settling in our hotel, we headed off to find some dinner.  the neighbourhood we are staying in, malo strana, has all these amazing cobbled streets with tiny walkways (some so narrow, you have to walk sideways!)  you’re looking at the entirety of this shop.  just a little closet.  i love it.

this street is right next to our hotel… we came over here for dinner (roasted rabbit with rosemary, spicy cabbage, steamed spinach, dumplings and potato pancakes).  can you believe this is real life here?!

i love prague.  i love it so much, even though i’m still finding it difficult to believe that it’s real.

i l

note:  i have no clue what day it is.  wednesday?  i know i woke up at 3:30am and it’s now 6am.  i’m sitting in my bed, typing quietly with a blanket over my head so as not to wake graeme up on the other side of the room.  i wish he’d wake so i can go take more photos…


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  1. Oh my god!! Kristel, Prague looks even more amazing then I thought it would… and I expected it to be incredible!

    I love all your photos so far… and I’m so stoked you’re there and experiencing all it has to offer! Can’t wait to see more blog posts.. 🙂

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