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i took this baby out for another run… and my first time using it at night. and can i just say… i’m freaking in love with it!!! now, it’s much easier to use it at night time than in the day (for me, at least…) but the colour rendering is just ridiculous. soooo beautiful. all of the following shots are straight out of camera, with the exception of the one i converted to black and white.

look at how blue the sky looks… i lovelovelove it!!

and the reflection of the sign in the lower left corner… it literally gives me shivers!!

i love the bokeh and how golden the colours are…

i waited a long time for a group of people to pass. i wish they were a bit further back, but the manual focus is really taking some getting used to…

and this was taken on the way home in a tunnel. like i mentioned before, i love it when tilt-shift lenses are used to create depth, and i think this photo is a good example.



  1. fabulous!! this lens has been on my have just put it to the TOP of that wish list!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Hey lukcy girl with the new lens.

    Grr i want this lens so bad, but the nikon version is $2000 plus taxes, so it will have to wait until after i get my new laptop.

    You’re photos are stunning, i would love for you to do my wedding…one

    Take Care and enjoy your czech holiday!

  3. Oh yea, the TS-E 45mm is such a great lens. Colour is rendered beautifully and it’s bokeh is so pleasing to look at. I liked your night shots with it!

    I only borrowed one, but I can’t afford one yet.

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