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so, i’m learning czech. piece of cake. i mean, who doesn’t know how to pronounce “Kde koupim jizdenku” or “V kolik hodin oteviraji zaviraji?” (oh, and of course, like half of those letters have unfamiliar accent symbols above them…) i ordered this czech phrasebook and you know, it’s really handy, because it has common phrases and each are written phonetically… except, i don’t know how to say “skhle” — THAT is the phonetic version… what the heck?! the funniest part about this book is that they have a section on bartering prices… umm… even if i could manage to say “Muzete mi snizit cenu” or “Mate neco levnejsiho,” there’s a 0% chance of me understanding their response! so, yeah, i think i’m going to be in trouble anytime i’m outside of prague..


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