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when people ask how i became a photographer, bodhi always comes up. in may of 2007, i was out with my little point and shoot camera, taking some photos, and there was a band playing outside on robson st. i really liked their music so i bought their cd and watched for a bit and took some photos of them. i felt like i was kinda creepy, taking their picture, so when i got home, i emailed bodhi so they could see them. well, a couple weeks later, i got an email from him, asking if i’d take their photos… like, for real. it had never occurred to me that i could actually take photos for more than just fun. so, i decided to take a leap, and got my first dslr a few months later. bodhi and i emailed sporadically over that time, but so much was going on for everyone, that it wasn’t until last week that we actually did the shoot… over a year later… he’s now starting under his own name, and has a new bandmate, justin. it was good to finally do this… bodhi and justin are both super cool guys that are willing to do anything (include risk their lives for a photo. at least bodhi is, as you’ll see later…)

i love how no matter times i shoot in gastown, i always find something new…

my awesome assistant ali (amazing alliteration…) got this shot of justin walking! love it!

so sad that part of this was covered by a gate… well, at least they didn’t paint over it, i suppose…

this might look like it’s all nice and safe, but it sure as heck wasn’t…

when we pushed this chair down the alley, we had no idea that it belonged to someone, and that that someone would shout out “give me back my chair!” while we were taking this photo… who knew…

bodhi & justin, i had so much fun with you, and i look forward to part two of your shoot after my return!! oh, and to going to one of your shows!!!


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