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i am really looking forward to all of my 2009 weddings, but to be honest, i’m really REALLY looking forward to tas & diraj’s wedding. i wish i could share all the reasons i’m excited for it, but you’ll have to wait for may, as much as it makes me crazy to keep such wonderful secrets! so, after all the emailing tas and i have written each other, i was super excited to hang out with them and do their engagement session.

tas & their dog, clicquot (like the champagne…)

i love the light and the background in these next few shots, and i think they both look AMAZING in them…

i love this relaxed shot… aren’t they so adorable here?!

then we stopped at their place for a quick change of clothing before heading out again… this shot was taken just to see how this blouse would photograph, but i think tas looks ridiculously pretty here, so i kept it…

the opus hotel is such a wonderful location, i’d really love to do an entire shoot in there…

this next shot is the one that basically brought tas & i together (haha)… i remember at our client meeting, she told me she had a photo she wanted on water st, and i said there was a photo i wanted to do on water st… and they were the same! so, here it is… :o)

a few last shots around gastown…

i don’t even know what to say, her legs look so good…

it’s funny how sometimes, i plan a shot down to the most minute details, and then, when i take it, i’m not as happy with it as i thought i’d be… and then there are times when you’re waiting for a taxi, and decide to take just one more photo, and you get something awesome like this…

tas & diraj, i hope you’re having the time of your life on your cruise, and i look forward to seeing you when you get back!!!


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  1. […] gorgeous and totally sweet and up for anything, and i really had a great time. plus, her cousin tas made the most delicious green curry for dinner — thank you so much for inviting me to […]

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