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i’ve said this before, but i really want to be friends with all my clients. the first time i talked to rachel, we talked on the phone for about half an hour, and i was totally bummed to have to wait for their session. but i think it was worth the wait…

oh, when i talked to rachel, she forgot to mention how gorgeous she is…

so, we started off the shoot on the rooftop patio in (on?) their condo building. they have such a beautiful city view, but still get that feeling of having a yard… perfect.

we ventured away from the building (while staying within a one block radius)… rachel warned me that gage doesn’t exactly love being in front of the camera, but he was a natural!

rachel, gage… i don’t want to tell you what to do, but… you have to have this up in your house! BIG! you look like supermodels!

since i know you’ll ask… it’s a bicycle rack…

can you tell i’m just in love with rachel?!

another fave of both of them!!

rachel and gage, have a wonderful time at your beautiful cancun wedding!! i look forward to television marathons with you!! :o)


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