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ok, where were we?  oh yeah, the trip to the reception site.  well, keith and leanne were up for anything, and we had a great time meandering on over, stopping for some photos when it fancied us…

we were in search of a horse, but ended up at a charming little shop (which seems to operate on the honour system)…

possibly my favourite close-up photo ever…

this photo makes me so happy… i can’t believe i lived most of my life unable to see the beauty in light…

last stop before the reception…

i don’t have a photo of this to show you, but we had pulled pork sandwiches and potato salad and cole slaw and corn bread for dinner… so.  good.  (ok, truthfully, i do have a photo that i could show you, but pulled pork isn’t the most visually appealing food, especially compared to the beauty above and below…)

with the last few minutes of light, we did what we could… this is my favourite shot that jackie has ever taken.  i hope this black and white/grainy processing is what she had in mind when she took it…

what kind of tree is this?  whatever it is, i love it.  my last photo of the day…

here’s me, michele, and, in case you forgot their names, leanne and keith… i love all three of them!!!  (i look like a flamingo…)

see why a two-parter was necessary?!  keith & leanne, i hope you are having an amazing time on your honeymoon… i can’t wait to find out where you went for your secret honeymoon!



  1. Kristel,

    Outstanding!!! I LOVE all of these shots…the one with all the mailboxes is so awesome…love the light!! Amazing photographer with an amazing eye!

    Fran Chelico

  2. Kristel, I am in love with every single image in this 2-parter. Your work is beyond EXCEPTIONAL!!!

    This couple is very lucky to have picked you as their photographer. I’m sure they will LOVE every single image.

    I am running out now to start planning my wedding and I am setting aside 1 million dollars so I can hire you!!!! because that is what you are worth– maybe more

  3. you two are so sweet, thank you so much!

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