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i have been working for 14 hours straight, and have at least 2 more hours of work before i can go to bed. in this little two week time frame, i had/have 3 weddings, 4 portrait sessions, and a 2-day workshop. i also have to design two albums (and edit all of those weddings/sessions), plus lots and lots of business/accounting stuff… and you might think i’m complaining… but all i am… is grateful.

just one year ago, i wanted so badly to have a growing photography business, and to be able to share in one of the most wonderful days for a couple… over and over. it honestly made me cry, i wanted it so much. and now, here i am, making real progress towards my goals. i’ve been able to travel and witness real love every day. and it honestly makes me cry, because i am so thankful to have a “job” i love so much. i’ve been extremely fortunate to be trusted by you, despite my being new to this industry, and i can not thank you enough. you’ve allowed me to share in your life, but know that you’ve shared in mine too, and you all mean more to me than you’d believe. this has been the best summer of my life — and i can’t wait for next summer, because i already know it’s going to be even better. i have some beautiful weddings with amazing couples booked for next year (i’ve had to pinch myself a few times, they’re so wonderful), and i look forward to meeting those who i will have the pleasure of photographing next year (and beyond).

and because no post is complete without a photo, here’s a teaser from keith and leanne’s absolutely gorgeous wedding last weekend… hoping to have the full post up tomorrow…

love love love,



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