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i used to be a really decent writer… until i got a camera. and now, here i am, typing and re-typing a paragraph to express how much i adore lara and steve. and i just can’t do it. so, (since i have a camera,) i shall show you pictures…

lara & steve decided to get married in the back yard of her parents’ home in white rock. it was incredibly personal to lara and her family, having built the home together, and it was her mother’s chance to show off her amazing garden that is so special to her.

the ring bearer, pointing out where he kept the rings…

i’m seriously tearing up here, just thinking of what a beautiful person lara is — inside and out. i was so honoured to be a part of this wedding, because it was so evident that what mattered to her and steve was not the esthetic, but the people that were there with them.

their first kiss as husband and wife…

this was the best moment of any wedding i’ve ever been to. after steve & lara were married, steve said the most beautiful words to lara’s daughter about how important she is to him, and how he will always love her and protect her… and this picture makes me cry… to see how steve struggled to express how much keyanna means to him, to see keyanna’s proud face, and to think of how much it means to lara that steve loves her daughter so much…

ugh. i’ve been putting off writing this entry, because it’s honestly too emotional for me. this is lara’s beautiful and brilliant mother, who reminded me to be so grateful that i have found photography and that i am able to actually earn a living on something that means everything to me. she is the first non-photographer that told me she loves watching light, and how it illuminates everything, and can recognize the quality and simple beauty of light. i know this sounds silly, but i think that if you can find beauty in something as simple as light, you can always be made happy. and she is just so gentle and kind and she’s one of those people that says every word with love. i can see why lara is so amazing.

ok, now that i’m crying, here’s a plain-old fun shot…

i know that i’m going on and on about lara, but steve is just as amazing a person. seriously, his words to keyanna were so amazing, and just to see how much all his friends and family care for him, and had such good things to say about him… i love this family so so much!! i look forward to seeing all of you again soon!!

and just because this baby is awesome…


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