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so, when i was a kid, my favourite day of the year was always easter sunday. it was basically like christmas at my house — but without the snow, so i could ride my bike. (remember, i’m from sault ste. marie, ontario). my mom the easter bunny would always give me a new outfit, some chocolates, and my favourites — skipping ropes, bubbles, tennis balls, and sidewalk chalk.  i’d spend the day drawing rainbows and playing hopscotch.

well, i haven’t drawn with sidewalk chalk a whole lot in the past few years, but i sure wish i had kept it up.  maybe if i had kept it up, i’d be creating art like this… (ok, you know i’m being facetious, right?)


i believe that the only real thing is the guy… the hose and the drain and all the water (including the streaming bit)… drawn with sidewalk chalk.  yeah.

i wish i could link to where all of these came from, but they were just emailed to me.  this next one is really cool because the following photos show the perspective… it’s absolutely insane.


yeah, i’m just speechless now.  i have nothing to add to this insanity.


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