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ok, the most important part of this entry… neil young tickets go on sale tomorrow, and i am HOPING that i’ll be able to pick up a couple. fingers crossed that they won’t be sold out by the time i am able to jump through all the ticketmaster hoops. i didn’t even know neil young was coming to vancouver until i was out with ali today and decided to buy the heart of gold dvd (which i am watching and loving now). i’m so lucky i decided to finally get it today, otherwise, i wouldn’t even know about the show!

this isn’t quite my most favourite neil young song, but i think it’s the best video on youtube…

now, the rest of my day… well, it was great. i didn’t work for a single minute — can you believe it?! (well, until around 5pm. but seriously, being away from my computer and phone and general work stuff for 7 hours is a big deal for me! my friend ali and i went to legendary noodle on denman st. for a fantastic and completely relaxing meal. then, we stopped at beard papa’s for delicious, delicious cream puffs. now, hear me out… i don’t consider myself a pastry person at all, and the idea of cream puffs is fundamentally gross to me. i don’t even really like the taste of whipped cream (yes, i know how weird that is). but these cream puffs… seriously… sooooo good….

here’s an ultra-flattering shot of ali enjoying hers…

then, we pretty much just went to the beach, wandered around in the sunshine, and sang tom petty and neil young for the rest of the day. such a wonderful time! ali, next time, let’s go to boneta, k?!


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  1. muhaha – I definitely have you addicted to those creampuffs now.

    Makes me want more actually.

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