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so, this morning, i heard a knock at my door. since i don’t get a whole lot of unexpected visitors (as in, i think that was the first time i’ve ever heard a knock at my door), i pretty much assumed it was an axe murderer. as i opened the door, i was preparing myself mentally to slam the door closed as a violent offender tried to force their way in… well, turned out it was a fed ex delivery person. (in case you didn’t realize that i survived the ordeal…)

so, there it was, a huuuggee box… i had no idea what it could possibly be… (my only guess was a leather sample i ordered from an album vendor, and i was wondering why their samples were so huge…)

and then, the card…

and i thought, ‘i’m not getting married, they must have delivered this to the wrong person…” (but, being nosy, i still opened the card…)

and then, i laughed my head off!!!! and, i also danced around my apartment like an idiot to the music played by the card, because, as you know, i freaking LOVE the chicken dance!! and i also love….

mariachi hats!!!! and maraccas (sp?) (not pictured because i didn’t find them amidst all those styrofoam peanuts until i was taking the box out for recycling) i wanted to take a picture of me in this hat, but do you have any clue how big these are?! it’s impossible to just hold my camera at arm’s length and get even half of this magnificent fashion piece in the shot. david and monica, i lovelovelove you! thank you so much, you totally know me and my ridiculousness!! :o) plus, it’s black, so it goes with everything… ;o)



  1. What a funny, thoughtful gift! Do you know where they got the chicken dance card? I have someone that I would die to send it to!

  2. i know, i loovvveee my clients! i’m not sure where it’s from, but i’m going to email them now, and i’ll keep you posted, vanessa!

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