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i first met with lara a few weeks back, and when she told me about her little family that is coming together later this month, i absolutely could not wait to meet her fiance, steve and her daughter, keyanna. it was so clear how much steve and lara love keyanna, and that she is the priority in their lives. keyanna had everyone laughing the whole time, and lara and steve were right in on the silliness.

this is definitely one of my favourite photos from the session. steve is CRAAAAZZZYYY about basketball, and so is keyanna…

keyanna’s a total pro.

you can see where she gets her moves from…

this shot was aaalllllll keyanna… she chose the location, composition, posing… she’s a natural photographer!! ;o)

my favourite from the day…

steve and keyanna love vera’s, so we stopped there for a burger and a few photos… keyanna’s face and body language crack me up here…

all of the following shots are straight out of camera, no editing.  that sunset was insane.

after keyanna was finished picking about a hundred thousand seashells, we called it a night.

lara and steve and keyanna, i can’t wait to see you all again when your family comes together in a few weeks!!  xoxoxo


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  1. Oh my word, yet another FANTABULOUS shoot. Kristel, you inspire me! And what a lovely family. I wish them all the best!

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