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i recently shot a boudoir session with a wonderful client, v. i’m super happy with these shots, and i know she is too (since she gave her permission to post them here). :o)

i have password-protected the previous post, because i don’t want anyone to be unprepared for the content.  to me, these photos are extremely tasteful, but i respect the fact that everyone’s opinion of this is different.  a couple of the photos do show my client topless, so if that makes you uncomfortable… well, then obviously don’t look at it.  :o)

the password is: boudoir



  1. beautiful processing, kristel. 🙂 Are you using actions? Or how did you get that sweet candy vintage look. luv it!

  2. thanks, darbi! these are, for the most part, straight-out-of-camera. i did use a couple of the red leaf actions ( on a few of the shots. i know i used the vintage lollipop on the first few, but at a super low opacity. also, i usually add their gold action at about 10% to almost all of my photos. i love warm, golden skin tones. perhaps it’s because i’m so pale. :o)

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